Master of Arts/Master of Counselling Psychology:
School and Youth Concentration

Our School and Youth Concentration Master’s programs will prepare you to lead social change by providing therapeutic services to youth in underserved communities.

You’ll gain real-world experience helping these children, adolescents and their families overcome systemic inequalities and hardships to live better, more meaningful lives.

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Master of Counselling Psychology: School & Youth Concentration

This two-year, 55-credit master’s is a non-thesis, practitioner-based program. It features a social justice-centric approach with a distinct program concentration compared to other degrees in the market, offering a rare set of skills and insight into the minds of children and adolescents. It also serves as a uniquely designed alternative for teachers considering a Master of Education.

Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology: School & Youth Concentration

This two-year, 59-credit, thesis-based program is designed primarily for those who wish to pursue a doctoral degree program sometime in the future. Drawing from a curriculum that features adolescent and child development, as well as play therapy, students practice with adolescents as part of a community-based pre-practicum skills lab.

Program Experience

Our curriculum immerses you in dynamic professional settings, including two intensive practicum experiences. The first is a non-clinical social justice practicum during which you work with our robust network of community partners. And the second is a hands-on counselling and clinical practicum.

Graduates from this program will be ready to counsel children and adolescents by focusing on equality, inclusion and a socially responsible practice by providing counselling within schools, correctional programs, youth outreach programs and other clinical contexts.


Courses for the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology: School & Youth Concentration include:

Courses for the Master of Counselling Psychology: School & Youth Concentration include:

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Graduating socially responsible practitioners, engaging communities, and advancing social justice.

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